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T Shirt Quilts, and the Memories They Hold

We have many requests for our t shirt quilt services, everything from childhood clothes, college t shirts, concert shirts & rally rags. The hardest part of the process involves choosing which shirts are most important in telling the story of that part of our life. The rest involves the challenges faced in creating any quilt - choosing the colors and other fabrics that bring the individual pieces together into a cohesive, beautiful quilt.

This t shirt quilt was created by making selections from Jessie's collection of sorority t shirts from college. She wanted only a small wall quilt to treasure her memories. Thus, she washed and tagged the shirts for which images she wanted to include in the quilt. Next, each t shirt had to be fixed by fusing interfacing to the wrong side to give the cotton knit stability. Trimmed to frame the chosen image, we auditioned different layouts. T shirts were then pieced together without sashing, then quilted and bound:

We also receive t shirt quilt tops already pieced for machine quilting. This t shirt quilt highlights the colorfulness of a concert t shirt collector friend of Patricia Rose and his amazing collection of Grateful Dead T shirts. Faced with an abundance of t shirts to include, Pat chose to use some of the shirts as quilt sashing:

Even Rally Rags make a fabulous way to commemorate a fan's love for their team!

What do your memories look like?

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